That’s what Google says a wedding is all about, well, but not for Fancy and Classy. We believe a wedding is a symphony of emotions, functions, relationships, fun & frolic, drama, adventure and a lot of exercises for your taste buds. For us, it is a well-constructed dream personified via multiple ceremonies and involvement from both, families and friends. All this along with the talk and laugh with your friends and family, when carefully captured in pictures, helps you look back on, through the years and cherish these golden moments. From mantras to mischief from sangeet to afterparty, from formal meetings to your most exclusive honeymoon travel, you’ve thought of us and we have thought about everything else.

At FNC, it is our constant successful endeavour to give you the perfect wedding you’ve always desired. This experience will be the talk of an era, for all the people who witnessed your wedding crafted by FNC. Our team filled with zest and passion dedicatedly works towards rendering your wishes into reality..  So, sit back, relax and let our team of connoisseurs take care of the rest. 

Our categorised team of doyens

 RSVP & Invitation 

We ensure a personalized invitation is reached out to all your guests and a single point of contact is allocated to the guests for all their queries regarding schedule, travel, stay and venue. This process begins by designing a peculiar invitation based on your chosen theme and then customized as per your taste. It is then dispatched and coordinated to seek all confirmations, on time. The final confirmed guest list and update on the invited people are shared with the bride and groom’s respective family, well in advance.

 Design and Décor 

Irrespective of the size of your venue or the number of guests, weddings are always majestic. To ensure your favourite colours, lights, fragrance, flowers, pearls and stones are all well stitched, together to give the desired outcome. Our Décor experts pour their hearts out in ensuring a well-lit, colourful and a very classy outlook for your wedding venue. Our in-house squad of artists take care of every minute detail be it visible by the naked eye or only captured by the lens. We leave no stone unturned for presenting the final magnificent look of your venue.

 Technical & Production Personnel 

Our team of technicians help you solve the doubts related to materials, fabrics, lights,  set up, audio-visual and licenses as well. Our production team envisions the raw venue and turns it into the most definitive form of your imagination, by paying attention to the intricate details like chosen materials and their luminous nature. We will seek the necessary licenses as well for any special performances, light and sound show or any similar thing that you wish for.

 Artist, Theatre & Choreography

You’ve thought of the venue, the designs and guests too, but, what if you plan to add a pinch of celestial effects, by getting the who’s-who of Bollywood or international artists to perform at your wedding event? We have an exclusive team who are in constant touch with the celebrities making it easier to grab their availability on your special day. Our leading performers and choreographers will help you practice and perfect your moves for the sangeet night. You think, you or your partner can’t dance, “with the right breeze even a tree can dance, and our choreographers are the exact breeze you need.” So leave it to us and be ready to stun the audience. You desire a Bollywood/ Hollywood star or decide to be a star yourself, we have it all covered for you.


The most exclusive location in your city or a far-travelled destination-wedding, we have executed it all. We have a unique point of contact for you, your family and your guests to help them coordinate their check-ins, their food and liquor preferences even their entry music.

 Travel & Logistics 

“Dil to Roaming Hai” and Travel is inevitable. The most difficult part is budgeting and ticketing for your entire itinerary. Your favourite venue booking, your hone-moon reservations, your guests-travels and all the possible mobility options are all covered by us. We will take the burden off your head, let FNC make your travel hassle-free.
All you have to think is, once you reach there what all you would like to taste and we will even make a list of all the local delicacies for you. We take charge of your travel, hotel bookings, airport transfers and logistics holistically.

 Gastronome: Our Food Experts 

What is a wedding, if you’ve not gasped for breath, post a lot more than tummy-filled eating session? A truly grand wedding is symbolised by the kind of food that is served at every ceremony. Our board of Industry-experts will guide you on menu planning, calorie count, the right amount of spice, mouth-watering desserts and catering. We have a special team of Food Decorators that will help you place your favourite food items all colour coordinated. Remember, theme and colours are not only for the venue but also for the dinner table.

Etiquette & Grooming

It is the most imperative day for the bride and groom and everything you do is constantly observed,  by everyone who is a part of this special day. Our Etiquette professionals make certain that you are at your best, and everything you do is impeccable. We unsure that grace and class will reflect in every action you do and you continue receiving unending compliments.

 Photography & Cinematography 

Timing and angle are the most important pillars of a perfect cinematographic experience and we have mastered it with practice. Not merely capturing your Priceless Moments for a Lifetime of memories, but also creating your unique journey through a showreel, is what our experts envision.  The story of your special day will be told for the coming years through the photos and videos, you could focus the camera’s lens on. Our team strives their best to immortalize every emotion and every activity that you would like to preserve forever.

 Social Media Agents 

Time has proven the strength and omni presence of social media in our day to day lives. Greetings, wishes and guests may arrive late but the pictures and quotes on social media spread faster than a blink. Our expert marketeers take care of handling your social media profiles from designing the posts to scheduling them and building a story, right from the first post to the Nth one. Tracking the trending hashtags, memes, news content and correlating your story with it, is just a handful of many tasks our digital media team takes care of.


 Media & Web Presence 

Haven’t you been bombarded for details like “Share the Photos!”, “Videos to Dikha do!”, “Gossip batao kya kya hua Shaadi pe?”, “Shaadi ka Venue Kahan hai?”, and many such details when your wedding is nearing and even once it is done.
For all such details and to ensure these details can be shared with everyone with just a single click, we help you build a very fancy and detailed website as well.
You two would be spending the rest of your life together, so a domain name that represents the bride and groom both would be a fabulous idea. Share the details, RSVPs, Pictures, callouts, videos and all such details on this site and just relax. Our Team of web developers will compose these details in a very fancy manner and showcase it on this website specially curated for your wedding and related functions.

 Auxiliary Services 

Saree Stylists | Hair & Make-up | Wedding Rituals | Valets, Ushers, etc.

Props | Vintage Cars | High-End Motorcycles | Baaraat management

Security | Bouncers | DJ & Musicians

Dietician | Tour guide

“Well, all you need to do is ask and we will make it happen!”